Waiting Children in the Capital Region

Learn to do good, seek justice.  Help the oppressed.  Defend the orphan.  Fight for the rights of widows.  Isaiah 1:17

Recently I sat down with Becky Cuilo, Residential Clinician at Parsons Child & Family Center in Albany, NY.  Parsons is the largest multi-services agency in the Capital Region dedicated to helping families and their children.  The agency provides counseling services, parenting education, child abuse/neglect prevention and treatment, family strengthening programs, early childhood family support, special education, youth development programs, and mental health services.  They also have a multi county foster care program and maintain 3 group homes with 11 children in each home and the Residential Treatment Center.

The Residential Treatment Center (RTC) is currently home to 30 kids, half of which are available for adoption.  Some of these children have family resources, but many do not.  The age range at the RTC is 8-21 years.  The Residential Treatment Center offers a higher level of structured care than the group homes.

Becky shared that one of the greatest needs they have is for volunteers who are willing to build relationships, one-on-one, with the kids.  Whether individuals volunteer once a month or once a week, their presence in the life of a child brings hope to that child.  A child with hope is more open to healing.

The RTC fills a tremendous need for kids in care, but ideally, kids need families.  God designed the family as the best place for children to grow up.  Finding a forever family through adoption is important, but not every child is available for adoption.  By becoming a volunteer and building a relationship with a child at the RTC we can bring hope to a waiting child who may otherwise not know there is hope.  Would you consider bringing that hope to a waiting child through adoption, foster care, or volunteering?

To volunteer at Parsons’ Residential Treatment Center call Fran at 518-426-2864 or visit them online at Parsonscenter.org