Together We Rise – Local Foster Care Fundraiser / Orphan Sunday Project

In partnership with Abounding Love Christian Fellowship of Ravena, NY, we are collaborating to raise $2,000 to provide Sweet Cases to local foster kids.  When a child suddenly enters foster care they often lose everything they had.  If they are able to take any personal belongings with them they are usually stuffed into a garbage bag.  Sweet Cases are new duffle bags filled with a hygiene case, a blanket and a teddy bear.  For every $25 raised – a Sweet Case will be sent to us.  From now until October 9th we will be raising funds to purchase as many Sweet Cases as possible which we will in turn donate to Northeast Parent & Child Society in Catskill, NY.  All the bags will be on display at Abounding Love on 11/13/16 – Orphan Sunday, and then they will go to local kids in foster care.  To donate any dollar amount go to this link: