The Sanctity of Life – Pro Life and Pro Adoption

Sunday, January 19th, is Sanctity of Life Sunday.  If you’re wondering what the connection is between orphans and the sanctity of life…let me share some statistics with you.  In 2011, there were 1,212,000 abortions performed in the United States.  Now imagine the day when abortion is no longer legal.  As pro-life Christians, that’s our prayer, right?  So instead of 1.2 million abortions, imagine that we now have 1.2 million babies!  If half of those moms choose to keep and raise their babies, what would happen to the remaining 606,000 babies?  Those babies would need an adoption plan or they would enter an already bulging foster care system effectively doubling the kids in care.  If we are pro-life, we must also be pro-adoption.

To celebrate Sanctity of Life Sunday  we recently had as a guest on Orphans No More, Lauri Anderson, Director of Client Services for Alight Center.  Alight is a pregnancy resource center that has been servicing Columbia and Greene counties in up-state NY since 1991.    Alight provides options, answers, and support through various programs including educational classes and support programs, adoption support, birthing classes, breast feeding classes, infant care and parenting classes, as well as abortion recovery programs.  They offer support services to women and girls who choose life for their babies.  If these women do not get the support they need, their children would most likely enter the foster care system continuing a cycle, as many of these women and girls have been in foster care themselves.  Alight is on the front lines offering these services to desperate families in need.  This is another example of the Gospel in action.

JFO advocates for adoption and foster care of kids who are already in the system, but how much better it would be if kids didn’t have to end up in the system at all because their moms get the support services they need to preserve their families?  To learn more or to contact Alight call 518-822-9008 or visit them online at