How We Help:
At Justice For Orphans, part of our 3-fold ministry is to wrap around families who have embraced the mandate of James 1:27 and have adopted and/or are fostering kids. We know from first-hand experience the challenges of raising kids who have a history of neglect, abandonment, abuse, rejection, etc. If your child comes to you from the American foster care system, an overseas orphanage, or even a domestic adoption, no matter what age they are when the come into your home – as Dr. Karyn Purvis says,”they are kids from hard places.” And those hard places have had an impact on brain development and behavior.

We desire to come alongside families with support, encouragement, education, and resources to help them along their journey. As certified and experienced foster parents ourselves we have the training and understanding to support foster families. As adoptive parents of kids adopted domestically and internationally we have experience with the unique challenges facing these families. Our own adopted children have various physical medical issues as well as FASD, ADHD, Sensory Processing Disorder, and learning disabilities.

Our hope is to help through a local Support Group, JFO Radio Show, and connecting families with the resources available to them. Please contact us for hope and help.

Links to Help:
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How You Can Help:
JFO advocates for the Church to step up and help orphans. We challenge YOU to pray and ask the Lord what HE would have you do on behalf of the fatherless. We believe that if the Church begins to seek the Lord about orphan care as individuals, as families, and as the corporate Body of Christ – and as we walk in obedience to what He places upon our hearts – there will be a lot less orphans in the world and a whole lot more children in Christian families. We know not everyone can adopt or foster. But there is something for everyone to do from the littlest Sunday School child to the most senior of senior citizens in your congregation. Here are some ideas:

  1. PRAY for orphans, kids in foster care, adoptive families, foster families, etc.
  2. DO RESPITE for foster families (all it takes is a background check)
  3. MAKE A MEAL for a tired family.
  4. ADOPT AN ORPHANAGE – send supplies, clothes, etc.
  5. SHORT TERM MISSIONS TRIP – to visit orphanages.
  6. HOST A “BABY” SHOWER for families adopting children of various ages.
  7. Help an adoptive family with ADOPTION EXPENSES.
  8. SUPPORT reputable orphan care organizations (like Justice For Orphans).
  9. Organize an ORPHAN SUNDAY in your church.
  10. Raise money for TRANSITION HOMES for kids who age-out of the orphanage.

Contact us to learn even more….