Sanctity of Life

“…for in these the fatherless find mercy.”  Hosea 14:3

January is Sanctity of Life month.  What does that have to do with orphans?  In 2013 there were 41,000 pregnancies reported among NY teens but only 11,000 births.  Where did the other 30,000 babies go?  With local county statistics reporting 1 in every 3 pregnancies end in abortion it’s safe to say that at least 10,000 of those babies were aborted.  As Christians, our hope is for abortion to not be an option.  We pray that mothers will choose life for their babies.  But choosing life does not mean every mother will raise her child.  Many will choose an adoption plan or the baby will be placed in foster care.  With an already over burdened foster care system in NY – with 20,000+ kids in the system – where will the homes come from for these children?

Our mission at JFO is for the Church to wake up, stand up, and step out for these children.  To hear more about this topic, check out the 1/15/16 Sanctity of Life episode of our Orphans No More radio show.  JFO’s Executive Director, Sandra Flach, talks with Crystal Snow-Hebel – cofounder of Faith House.  Faith House is a hope and a haven for young mothers and their babies in the mid-Hudson Valley.