Rallying the Church for the Cause of the Fatherless

Wes Stafford, former President & CEO of Compassion International recently spoke at the Global Forum of World Without Orphans in Thailand.  When asked what actions he would most like to see happen to address the orphan crisis, Stafford said, “We are not mobilizing congregations adequately.  The most basic level of awareness is missing in our churches.  We must awaken people to the importance of these children.  We also need to recognize and make heroes of those who do care for orphans.  We need to interview adoptive parents, ask about their greatest needs, and let the church hear those needs and be inspired to carry the load.  We have to inspire the uninterested or uninformed person to be involved in some way.” 

Wes Stafford just described the work of JFO!  We are on a mission to rally the Church for the cause of the fatherless.  Is your church active in orphan care?  Adoption?  Foster Care?  If so, we’d love to hear what your orphan ministry is doing!  If not, we’d love to come share God’s heart for the orphan with you congregation.  Contact us at sandraflachjfo@gmail.com or call 518-779-2279.