“Orphans No More” Radio Show

Mary and I are currently in the process of recording broadcasts for our weekly radio show “Orphans No More”!  We are so excited about this opportunity the Lord has opened for our ministry!  The show will begin airing on Friday, August 9th at 1:30pm on The New Light WDCD 96.7fm.  We have the Fridays at 1:30pm time slot weekly from August through November.  This is a great time frame because we get to promote our 2nd Annual Orphan Conference which is on October 26, as well as Orphan Sunday which is 11/3, and National Adoption Awareness Month throughout November!  Most importantly, however, is that we get to bring to our listeners the message of adoption, foster care, orphan care, parenting adopted kids, and everything in between.  Our very first show, airing on 8/9, will be an introduction to us and the ministry.  The next show I had the honor of interviewing Mary and her husband, Pastor Stan Slager, about their years of foster care experience.  I got to do a 2nd interview with Pastor Stan and Mary all about their Ukrainian adoptions.  We believe it is crucial for pastors to have a heart for the fatherless and Pastor Stan certainly does.  We’ve also interviewed a couple women who grew up with foster care kids in their home as their parents fostered.  We have interviews lined up with Bethany Christian Services, Albany County on foster care, and an episode dedicated to Orphan Sunday.  We’ve got much more in the works too.  We believe the Lord has opened this door for us and it’s a way for us to put a voice to our 3 fold ministry.  Over the airwaves we can rally the Church for the cause of the fatherless, advocate for Christian families to adopt, foster, and/or do some type of orphan care, and support and encourage local families who have said “yes” to the fatherless.  We are excited too about the fact that in the future, all of our recorded shows will be available right here on this website!  And the Lord is not done opening doors!  Currently in the works is a month long campaign in November on The Sound of Life radio station to promote Orphan Sunday and National Adoption Awareness Month!  Radio was not our idea, but we know enough that when the Lord opens a door we just say “yes” and step through!  To Him be the glory!