…defend the cause of the fatherless.  Isaiah 1:17

The biblical call to defend the cause of the fatherless is on the hearts and minds of Christians today in a way not seen in generations.  Last year, in fact, the national Orphan Sunday campaign led by Christian Alliance For Orphans helped stoke this movement to a new intensity.  More than 2,000 Orphan Sunday events were held in local churches nationwide and over 50 countries globally joined the cause to become One Voice on One Day for One Purpose – the orphan.

Is YOUR church joining the celebration?  Orphan Sunday is on November 2nd this year – that’s only 3 months away so NOW is the time to get it on your church calendar!

Everything you need to plan your event is found at the Orphan Sunday website.  From 3 minute video clips designed to play in church to printed materials such as post cards and bulletin inserts the site has it all.  You’ll even find sermon notes for the pastor and partnership packages to enhance your event with practical ways to help orphans.   An event can be a moment of prayer for kids in foster care, an entire Sunday service dedicated to the orphan, or anything in between.  Churches can be as creative as they’d like:  adoptive/foster families can give testimonies, school supplies can be collected for kids in foster care, youth groups and Sunday school classes can raise funds to feed orphans in Africa – the possibilities are endless and tons of ideas are available on the website.

There are Orphan Sunday Coordinators found in every state across the country just visit the Orphan Sunday website to locate yours if you’d like additional help or have questions.

Please join us in celebrating Orphan Sunday on November 2nd and be among the thousands of voices (and hands and feet) actively living out the biblical mandate found in James 1:27 – Pure and faultless religion in the sight of God our Father is this – that we must care for orphans…