Justice For Orphans has 3 main focuses:

  1. To rally the Church for the cause of the fatherless based on James 1:27.
  2. We educate Christian families to adopt and/or do foster care, and we encourage global orphan care.
  3. We wrap around families who are doing just that by providing encouragement, training, and help before, during, and after the children are home.

About Justice For Orphans, New York

Justice For Orphans is a ministry bringing the need of the orphan and foster child to the forefront of the church.  Founder & Executive Director,  Sandra Flach, welcomes the opportunity to share the needs of the orphan with local churches.


familly 2    Sandra Flach

Sandra is co-founder & Executive Director of JFO and the host of JFO’s weekly radio program Orphans No More.  She and Wayne have been married for 29 years and have 3 biological children, 1 grown daughter adopted domestically, and 4 children adopted internationally from Ukraine.  They have a heart to encourage families struggling with parenting “kids from hard places” as their youngest adopted son has FASD, ADHD, and Sensory Processing Disorder.  


Eric Besenfelder – Board Member:  Eric & his wife Sandy are parents of 5 biological daughters and 1 daughter adopted from foster care.  They currently foster and are hoping to adopt again.

Rebecca Flach – Vice President:  Rebecca & her husband Aaron have been fostering for 4 years.  Rebecca is Executive Director of Hope Full Life Center in Ravena, NY.

Sue Roseberger – Treasurer:  Sue & her husband Doug are adoptive parents of 2 children from foster care and currently have custody of the youngest sibling whom they also hope to adopt.

Kathi Sewak – Graphic Designer:  Kathi & her husband Tom have 3 biological children.  Kathi has a heart to see children in families.

Connie VanKleeck – Secretary:  Connie & her husband Steven have 4 biological daughters and 2 grandchildren including 1 adopted domestically.  Connie is the General Manager of The Sound of LIFE Radio Network.



Mary SlagerSlager Family

Mary is co-founder of JFO. She and her husband Stan have been married 50 years and have nine children: two married biological children and 7 adopted children.   The Slager’s have been fostering for 30 years and continue to foster in their golden years.  Mary is currently retired from JFO but actively advocating for orphans and foster children.