It’s National Adoption Month!

In honor of National Adoption Month we’d like to share some ideas on how you can help the orphan and waiting child:

1.  Pray for them as an individual, family, Church, Sunday school class, or youth group.

2.  Speak up for them by telling others about the needs of orphans, pastors can preach James 1:27 from the pulpit, churches can celebrate Orphan Sunday.

3.  Provide for their needs by donating to reputable orphanages or orphan care ministries, collect school supplies, clothing, or Christmas gifts for children in      foster care.

4.  Support those who support them by organizing meals for new adoptive/foster parents, have a baby shower for adoptive families even if they’re adopting older children.

5.  Protect them from harm by becoming a foster parent, donate to transition homes to help kids “aging out” of the system stay off the streets and keep them safe from human traffickers.

6.  Visit them where they are by going on a mission trip to an orphanage, take dinner to a foster group-home on a regular basis or invite them over for a holiday meal.

7.  Give sacrificially to them by contributing generously to an adoptive family to help offset their costs.

8.  Encourage them to press on by sponsoring a child, support them financially, and send them encouraging letters.  Become a mentor or tutor to a teenager in a foster group-home.

9.  Adopt them into your family through international, domestic, or foster care adoption.  Mentor a young adult who has aged out of the foster care system.

10.  Mobilize your church for them by becoming a catalyst in your church for starting an orphan ministry.

These ideas came from resources provided by