Hearts of the Father Outreach

He will turn the hearts of the fathers to their children, and the hearts of the children to their fathers.  Malachi 4:6

We talk a lot about adoption and foster care.  Just as not everyone is called to adopt or foster, not every orphan is adoptable.  However, that does not absolve us from our responsibility to care for orphans as highlighted in James 1:27.  So we also talk about global orphan care – caring for orphans around the world beyond adopting or fostering.

Recently we interviewed John Moritz from Sheffield, Ma.  He and his wife, Libby, founded Hearts of the Father Outreach which establishes homes of refuge for orphaned, abandoned or abused children in Ghana, Uganda, West Africa, Southern India, and beyond. Hearts of the Father Outreach was established after John and Libby endured deep personal tragedy.  In 1992 they tragically lost their 3 precious children, Joshua 11, Kristen 9, and Daniel 8, in a car accident.  As God walked with them through their grief, He also touched their hearts for the orphan.  As parents without children, their hearts ached to ease the pain of children without parents, and so Hearts of the Father Outreach was established.  

The Moritz’s travel 6-8 times per year to visit their homes of refuge which are small, family-style homes with a mother and father  as house parents to up to 26 children.  John pointed out the wisdom of children remaining in their birth countries where they can grow up and make difference in their home communities.  Hearts of the Father Outreach has also established a foster care-style system with a sponsorship program so more kids can grow up in safe families.  To learn more about Hearts of the Father Outreach visit their website heartsofthefather.org