Foster Care

There are about 500,000 children in the American foster care system.  More than 20,000 are in NY state alone.  Many of them are available for adoption.  Every one of them was made in the image of God and deserves a safe, loving family.  And what would be better than a safe, loving, Christian family!  To become a foster parent simply contact your local county or foster agency, and they will guide you through the certification process.  This process includes training classes, background checks, and paperwork.  Local agencies in upstate NY include:  Albany County Dept. for Youth & Families at  Albany,  Berkshire Farm at Berkshire Farm,  Northeast Parent and Child Society at, and Parsons Center at  Some agencies are willing to bring the certification classes (usually referred to as MAPP classes) right to your church if a certain number of families sign up. Precious children are waiting to be part of a family – become a foster parent today!