Families For Russian & Ukrainian Adoption

Recently Mary Slager and I (Sandra Flach) talked with Jan Wondra, National Chair for FRUA (Families For Russian & Ukrainian Adoption).  FRUA offers hope, help, and community for adoptive families who’ve adopted from Eastern European countries such as Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhastan, Bulgaria, Belarus, Romania, Poland, Lithuania, and Armenia – just to name a few.

Personally, I found FRUA to be a valuable asset during my family’s long wait to travel for our first Ukrainian adoption.  In late 2005 we were approved to adopt from Ukraine but told that all the appointments were booked for that calendar year.  So we waited, believing we’d travel in early 2006.  However, at that point, Ukraine closed their adoption program to reorganize it with no word to families on exactly how long that would take.  It was during that time that I stumbled upon the FRUA chatroom and it was there that I gleaned valuable information that benefited us tremendously as we prepared to travel to Ukraine and while we were in-country.  I practically lived in the FRUA Chatroom during those long months of waiting from February to November of 2006.  In the chat-room I read posts by families who’d already been to Ukraine to adopt and families who were waiting to travel like us.  I read posts about how much money to bring, where to eat, what gifts to bring, how long the process took, what to pack, etc.  When Ukraine finally re-opened in the fall of 2006, I actually learned that we had an appointment with the Ukrainian government by following people who were posting their registration numbers and appointment dates.  So, I knew before our adoption agency that we had an appointment to travel all because of FRUA.

FRUA is more than a chat-room though.  They offer membership to local chapters for families to connect with as a community of support for adoptive families.  These chapter families offer support and encouragement to one another because they are all on similar adoption journeys.  To learn more about FRUA visit their website at frua.org