Are You Called?

I will give you hidden treasures, riches stored in secret places, so that you may know that I am the Lord, the God of Israel, who summons you by name.     Isaiah 45:3

It’s common, as we begin to feel God’s tug on our hearts toward adoption or foster care that we start to think about all the reasons why we can’t do it.  It’s too expensive, my house is too small, I already have kids, those kids have issues, I don’t have enough patience, etc.  When we surrender our lives to the Lord, however, all of our excuses fade away, because when He calls – He equips.  When He has a plan – He accomplishes it.  After all, adoption is God’s heart.  He adopted us;  Jesus modeled self-sacrifice as He gave His life so that we could be adopted into God’s family.  Knowing all of this positions us in a place of trust and faith as we obediently walk out God’s call on our lives.  The Twietmeyer family is a perfect example of this.

Kiel and Carolyn Twietmeyer had 7 biological children between them when God led them to international adoption.  In 2007 when they stepped out in faith they thought they’d be adopting 1 child but they brought  home 3 children from Ethiopia:  Rachel, Samuel, and Seth.  What the Twietmeyer’s didn’t know is how big the plan was that God had for their family.  God has a way of taking our willing vessel and multiplying it.  As a result, Kiel and Carolyn were instrumental in getting the immigration process improved for adoptable children who are HIV+.  While Carolyn was in Ethiopia for their first adoption, she met a young girl named Selah in the orphanage who was also HIV+.  Carolyn’s heart ached for Selah who had just been separated from her siblings as a result of her diagnosis.  A year later the Twietmeyer’s adopted Selah.  Not long after that the they brought home Selah’s 2 older siblings, Andarge and Sarah.  In the span of 3 years the Twietmeyer’s adopted 6 children from Ethiopia, but God wasn’t done yet.  In 2011, God called upon them again to welcome a baby girl with Down Syndrome into their family.  This step of obedience led them to Ukraine in 2013 where they adopted a little boy also with Down Syndrome.  In case you weren’t counting, that makes a total of 8 children in 6 years!

All the while the Twietmeyer’s were adopting children they were also advocating for other overlooked children.  They established Project HOPEFUL a ministry dedicated to bringing hope to over looked children and vulnerable mothers around the world.  Project HOPEFUL has programs in Ethiopia, Uganda, Ukraine, and Guatemala.  The Twietmeyer’s recently returned from 10 months on the mission field in Guatemala with 11 of their kids and plan to return there in the near future full time with Project HOPEFUL.

Kiel and Carolyn Twietmeyer are just one example of what God can do with a family willing to trust Him by obediently walking out what He calls them to do.  The Twietmeyer’s admit that on their own they have nothing special to offer, but with God – all things are possible.  He may not call you to adopt 8 kids and move to the mission field, but maybe He will call you to adopt or foster 1 child.  When we step out in faith He will reveal hidden treasures and riches in secret places, all for His glory.

To hear our radio interviews with Carolyn Twietmeyer go to our Events page and click on “Radio Show” – look for 2 shows dated 11/21/14 & 11/28/14.

Submitted by Sandra Flach, Executive Director of Justice For Orphans