Adoption & Foster Care: God’s Calling

In honor of National Adoption month we recently welcomed Bishop W.C. Martin back to Albany, NY.  Bishop Martin hails from a tiny community in the backwoods of Texas.  You won’t find Possum Trot on the map, but you will find their mark in Heaven.  This small town is part of a big miracle:  the adoption of 77 children out of the Texas foster care system.  Bishop Martin brought his message to Albany to inspire the Church in the Capital Region to do something on behalf of the 20,000+ NY children in foster care.  His powerful message was a challenge to the local Church.

As a pastor himself, the Bishop spoke directly to pastors, “Pastors are not talking enough about adoption.  How did we miss what pure religion is?  How did we let this get by us so that there are 400,000+ kids in a system nationwide?”

The Bishop also pointed out that , “We are predestined to adoption.  We had no way into God’s family until Jesus gave His life so we could be adopted.  How can we fail in carrying out this legacy?”

Jesus came to seek and save the lost, but we, His disciples, have not embraced what He modeled for us.  Why?  Is it because kids in foster care come with issues?  Come from messed up families?  Come without anything to put in our offering plates?  Bishop Martin’s answer to that mentality is this,”  Don’t expect doing the will of God is going to be all peaches ‘n cream.  Adoption is messy.  Look what Jesus went through to adopt us!”

To be Christ-like means we must be willing to sacrifice.  There’s a child right here in the Capital Region crying out for help.  When we cry out for help God answers us.  Are we going to be the Good Samaritan and stop for one of the least of these or are we going to be the priest who just passes by letting someone else do it.

Bishop Martin stated that the government can’t do it – the Church can!.  Jesus did great works and told the Church that we would be empowered to do greater works.  What are we doing?

To learn how you can help a local child in need, contact one of the following  agencies or your county office:

Albany County Dept. for Children Youth & Families

Northeast Parent & Child Society

Parsons Child & Family Center

Sandra Flach, Executive Director of Justice For Orphans –