Adoption = Exceedingly Abundant Blessings

Now unto him that is able to do exceeding abundantly above all that we ask or think, according to the power that worketh in us.  Unto Him be glory…     Ephesians 3:20

Recently we sat down with Buffalo, NY mom, Summer Spitz.  Summer has 3 bio kids from a previous marriage and she and her husband, Dave, have adopted 5 children together.  Their story testifies of God’s awesome ability to do exceeding abundantly beyond anything we could ask or think.

After failed IVF attempts and a heartbreaking miscarriage, Summer and Dave decided to be content with the 3 children already in their family.  They did have a heart to help local families and children in the foster care system but didn’t intend to adopt.  That all changed when they brought 4 month old Owen into their home, and then newborn Sara.  The Spitz’s adopted these two precious little ones through the foster care system, but God had even more in store for their family.

Summer had read an article in People Magazine about Reece’s Rainbow, an organization that helps raise funds and find families for special needs orphans in overseas orphanages.  Summer was drawn to a little girl in Ukraine with Down Syndrome they called Lyla.  Though Dave was not initially on board with the idea, the family did eventually begin the adoption process to bring Lyla home.  Unfortunately Lyla was hospitalized with a heart condition and the family was told that the only way Lyla would leave the hospital was to go to heaven.  With their adoption paperwork complete they made the painful decision to adopt another child, a little girl named Belle, also from Ukraine and also with Down Syndrome who they brought home in December 2010.  The family held out hope that they still could adopt Lyla, so they kept their adoption paperwork current and made plans to adopt again.  In January of 2012 they adopted again, but again Lyla was in the hospital and unavailable.  Dave helped choose a child from the Reece’s Rainbow website and the family settled on another child with Down Syndrome from Ukraine, a little boy named Gavin.  It turned out that Gavin was in the same orphanage as Lyla, and when Summer traveled to Ukraine to bring Gavin home, Lyla was out of the hospital.  The family, now out of resources for a 3rd adoption, prayed another family would step forward to adopt little Lyla.  Summer had the brief opportunity to meet and hold Lyla and was overcome with the sense that Lyla was her daughter.  Agonizingly Summer had to leave Lyla behind, but with a grateful heart knowing that Lyla had somehow led them to Belle and Gavin and virtually saved the lives of these two little ones.  Upon returning home from Ukraine with Gavin the family learned that the other possible family for Lyla was unable to adopt her after all.  The only thing now standing in the Spitz’s way was the finances for a 3rd international adoption.  But, God accomplishes His purposes and He was clearly at work here.  The Reece’s Rainbow community, as well as many others, contributed the resources needed for the Spitz family to return to Ukraine 9 months after adopting Gavin – this time to bring Lyla home once and for all!

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