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No Longer An Orphan – Part 1

Psalm 37:4 Take delight in the LORD, and He will give you the desires of your heart.

As we seek justice – aka a family for every orphan, we have had the privilege of meeting some amazing men and women along the way.  Individuals who were once orphans, living on the street, or bouncing around foster care.  Some were physically adopted into families but all were adopted into the family of God and are now sons and daughters of the King.  It is their faith and tenacity that have inspired this series of articles because they are no longer orphans – praise God!

Stephen Stewart is a Capital Region college student majoring in music therapy, a song writer, and is a youth pastor & worship leader at City Church in Albany, NY.  God and music are his passions.  But Stephen was also a foster kid.  When he was 6 years old he was separated from his siblings when they all went into foster care.  He bounced from foster home to foster home for the next 6 years.  Stephen states, “I felt lonely, floating, scared, like a 2nd class citizen, and always missing my mom and siblings.”  Stephen and his brother and sister were reunited with their mom for a few years, but that went sour once again.  Just before his 16th birthday he called the youth pastor of the church where he attended youth group confessing that he was running away to the streets.  His youth pastor connected Stephen with an elderly, retired missionary couple who took him in that night.  Torre and Jean Bissell loved him into the Kingdom.  Stephen shares, “They 100% took me in.  I finally felt safe and like I belonged.  They loved me no matter what.  They relentlessly loved me and told me so.  The Bissell’s didn’t try to change me, they loved me when I was unloveable.”  In the Bissell’s home at age 17, Stephen gave his life to Christ, changing the course of his life forever.  From that point on the Lord began giving Stephen music.  He’s just recorded his first album about his story called “And Home is Where YOU Are” – Stephen knows that home is where his Heavenly Father is.  And he is no longer an orphan.

To hear our recorded interview with Stephen go to the radio show menu on this website and look for the interview dated 5/13/16.  You can access Stephen’s music  on I-Tunes at StephenS – look for “And Home is Where YOU Are”